Presentation of the book ‘The Secret Ideal of the Templars’, from the author Delia Steinberg Guzmán (Lisbon, Portugal)

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portada libroThe presentation of the book ‘The Secret Ideal of the Templars’, by Professor Delia Steinberg Guzmán, International Director of New Acropolis was held at the Lisbon Center.

In this framework, the writer Jose Carlos Fernández addressed the topic ‘Templar Symbols’, according to one of the chapters of this book, and explained how this work was conceived and the elements that make it unique, amidst the abundant literature on this theme, very dear to the Portuguese people. And also the Spanish people since both lands, as much of today’s Europe, were blessed by the deeds and works of these knightly monks thirsty for a mysticism and an ideal of harmony, of great renewing power.

Taking advantage of this event was inaugurated, for the first time in Lisbon, the Circle of Friends of New Acropolis in this city.





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