Spring Fest and cultural evening at New Acropolis Mumbai (India)

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On the day of the Spring Equinox, New Acropolis members in Mumbai got together for an enriching cultural evening with artistic performances, including
a theatrical rendition of a beautiful story inspired by ‘Flowers and Gardens, a Dream Structure’ by C. Jinarajadasa. This story speaks of life through the metaphor of a garden. It tells about the the roles of the flowers and weeds within the garden and how the garden is guided by two different energies, that of the ‘head’ and that of the ‘heart’. This narrative was set in the context of another popular story called ‘The Hospital Window’, also telling about the adventures of life and emphasizing the vibrant spirit of the season of Spring!
Also in line with the theme of the new season, there was an energetic performance of the popular song ‘Rang de Basanti’, which can be translated as ‘The Color of Spring’, after which members spent some quality time together over a sumptuous Maharashtrian meal.

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