Visit to the orphanage of Razliv (Bulgaria)

Social Volunteering

Volunteers from New Acropolis Bulgaria joined forces to delight the children from the orphanage in the village of Razliv. Together with the younger kids, they made autumn trees and animals with real yellow leaves – thus creating beautiful paintings that formed an ‘exhibition’. Older children took part in fun games, which developed their attention, imagination, resourcefulness and team spirit. All this, as usual, was accompanied by much laughter, smiles and shared joy.

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One thought on “Visit to the orphanage of Razliv (Bulgaria)

  • Hi my name is Alex Adams, im 17 years old. I grew up in that Orphanage Razliv since i was 6-7 years old, until i was 12. My Bulgarian name is Sasho Marinov and im adopted and live in America now. The volunteers that came to that village deserve a big THANK YOU for all they have done for me and everyone else- We love you all.

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