Volunteerism campaign ‘Let’s save them from the cold’ (Puno, Peru)

Social Volunteering

The volunteers of New Acropolis Puno delivered blankets, polar pillows, warm clothing, personal hygiene items and toys to 50 children in the area of Salcedo (located on the outskirts of Puno) and their families. Due to the situation of poverty in their families, the children work from an early age in the artisan brick factories in the sector and under very precarious conditions, therefore, very few can study.

The delivery was made thanks to the agreement signed between New Acropolis and the Yachay Social Program, dedicated to the care of child workers, promoted by the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations. The Salcedo area reaches temperatures below 3 degrees Celsius and icy winds blow throughout the day.

Voluntariado Nueva Acrópolis Perú en Puno - Campaña Friaje

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