27th Edition of Artistic and Sports Olympics (France)




poesieTir à l'arc






The blue sky of the Cour Pétral (Normandy) welcomed 10 delegations of athletes and artists of New Acropolis, who competed on the occasion of the 27th Olympic Games of New Acropolis France.

During two days, about 120 athletes and artists defended with intensity the colors of their schools. The event included a sports day and a morning dedicated to the arts.

After a group warm-up session, the first competitions took place with the 100 meter male series. Racing, archery, weight launching, bowling, chess, football, volleyball…

The second day was dedicated to the arts, nourishing the hearts and souls of the participants.

This year – for the third consecutive year – the delegation of Bordeaux won the competition with 14 medals, including 6 gold. Paris and Rouen received silver and bronze on the podium.


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