27th Edition of the Literature in Tales and Poetry Competition (Santa Ana, El Salvador)

Artistic Activities

New Acropolis celebrated the 27th Edition of the Literature in Tales and Poetry Competition in the auditorium of UNASA, sponsored by the Ministry of Education and: Vijosa, Electrolab Medic, Pyrus and Torogoz. This year the theme was “The most heroic story”.

Over the years 96 full scholarships valued at $2,000 annually have been granted at the University Autonoma of Santa Ana (UNASA) (western zone), 31 scholarships in the paracentral zone, 24 at University Albert Einstein and 7 at University Alberto Masferrer.


Over 6000 students from public and private institutions from the western part of the country, and more than 3,000 students from participating institutions from the paracentral zone, participated throughout the history of the Competition.

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