Activities in parks and urban spaces to promote philosophy (Chile)

Cultural Volunteering

New Acropolis Chile carried out various activities in parks and urban spaces to promote philosophy, culture and volunteerism. “The dice of Sofia” in Viña del Mar and “Thousand cranes” in Puerto Montt, are examples of the good reception among the public and the community in general.

In the city of Puerto Montt, a thousand paper cranes (origami) made by volunteers were given out, in allusion to an ancient Eastern legend that grants a wish to those who achieve the purpose of making the thousand cranes. Each person who received a crane had the opportunity of making a wish to improve the world and to write it on the wall of good wishes.

In Garden City, Viña del Mar, passers-by got to roll the ‘Dice of Sofia’, and took home a gift-souvenir such as a written phrase of wisdom, a paper flower, etc.

deseos en p.monttdado de sofia

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