After ‘Hope’ and ‘Harmony’… comes ‘Truth’ in Viva Colaba (Mumbai, India)

Cultural Volunteering

Volunteers and friends of New Acropolis (Mumbai), in partnership with local resident organisations, spent a weekend beautifying a public wall in Colaba, where the New Acropolis center is located. Volunteers plastered, whitewashed and painted the wall with a message of “Truth” in English and “Satya” in Hindi.

This was the third beautification project undertaken by New Acropolis in the area. Says Ubai Husein, Secretary of the Active Ecology Department at New Acropolis, “Our first wall “Hope” was an attempt to bring about idealism in today’s world, and “Harmony” was the means to achieve this. But the only real measure of our actions is “Truth”. We hope this wall inspires people to be true not only to others but also to themselves. It is only when we are able to be true to ourselves that we can be true to our society.”

The goal of these wall paintings and beautification drives is to remind us that small actions can create a change, and that it really is up to us to take responsibility for our environment.


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