Giordano Bruno School, 30 years of excellence in human and academic training (Lima, Peru)

Educational Activities

Palabras directora colegio Giordano Bruno - PerúThe year 2015 marked the thirtieth anniversary of the creation of the Giordano Bruno School.
Since its inception in August, 1985, the School has sought to foster knowledge, values and virtues in students.

The history of the School began as a pedagogical project created and promoted by Professor Beatriz Diez Canseco, Director of New Acropolis in Peru.

The academic training that students receive is complemented and enriched by a philosophical education consisting of individual tutoring and educational activities that allow them to develop their character and bring forth their best qualities. Currently, more than 300 students enrolled in the school this year.

Celebración 30 años - Colegio Giordano Bruno Perú

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