Lecture on Maya cosmovision (Montreal, Canada)

Cultural Activities

Cosmovision-Maya-Nouvelle-Acropole-MontrealThe speaker, Denis Bricnet, allowed the public to meet the soul and the spirit of the Mayan world. In this richly illustrated lecture, we explored almost 2000 years of history and several ancient Mayan cities.

One of the keys to understanding this civilization that was explored during the evening was the constancy of symbolic elements. Hence the glyph of the portal with its four leaved shape, refers to a meeting point between the worlds. This glyph also symbolizes the power of the shaman, who is able to access and transmit an essential cosmovision that is essential for the governments of the cities. An enriching Q & A period followed the lecture.

The participants went back home inspired with a renewed appreciation of the culture and civilization of the Maya.


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