‘Light in the cave’, World Philosophy Day (Montreal, Canada)

World Philosophy Day

La lumière de la caverne - Journée mondiale de la philosophie à Montréal

For a tenth consecutive year, New Acropolis Montreal celebrated World Philosophy Day. The topic for this year was about the famous allegory of the cave from Plato, written over 2400 years ago.

In the first part, a short theatrical play about the allegory was presented to the public. It was an adaptation for our time. It staged a dialogue between a young man, who questioned himself about the meaning of life, and his father, for whom most important values were work, career, stability, etc. Then, this same youth met two other people with whom he could talk about his ideals and what is in his heart. For these people, it was important to have a job and studies, etc. but also important to seek a higher meaning to existence.

After the presentation, participants were invited to discuss with the speaker about the meaning of the allegory and its importance.


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