New Acropolis Munich volunteers adopt a new project of recovery and maintenance (Germany)

Ecological Volunteering

Munich river cleaning

Munich new stream parenthhod

After successfully terminating a 10-year stream ‘adoption’, volunteers of New Acropolis Munich began a new project in collaboration with the city council.

On a hot summer day volunteers waded through stream waters, taking out deadwood, garbage and a rusted fence, all of which were blocking the flow. Obviously, nobody had cared about this stream for years.

Neighbors expressed their appreciation by offering the volunteers some of their home-grown vegetables, and the owner of a nearby powerhouse supported this initiative with tools and catering.

After a day of intense work, the waters started to flow more vividly, and the stream became clearer. Yet, more cleaning and care is necessary, and the volunteers naturally promised to return and continue their work….

Munich river weeding

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