Otters in Ripoll river: volunteers of the Ríos Project celebrate the good news! (Barcelona, Spain)

Ecological Volunteering

Great news for the New Acropolis volunteers who collaborated on Project Ríos: otters re-appeared in the Ripoll river!

New Acropolis has collaborated with Project Ríos for the past seven years, by adopting a stretch of the Ripoll river – formerly known as ‘sewer of the industry’ – due to its poor ecological conditions.

Volunteering work has consisted of picking up accumulated garbage and caring for local flora and fauna.

New Acropolis volunteers have observed a great improvement in the health of the river, and the news recently published was very gratifying, that a community of otters has returned to populate the Ripoll river reflecting strong ecological conditions!

New Acropolis volunteers in one of the clean-up operations in Ripoll river.


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