Platonic Wednesdays (Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil)


In the city of Porto Alegre (Rio Grande/South Brazil) New Acropolis launched the project ‘Platonic Wednesdays’, with various presentations dealing with issues from the point of view of the classical philosopher Plato, as well as artistic presentations related to the addressed topics.

In this first cycle of ‘Platonic Wednesdays’  the following topics were discussed: More Plato, less stress; What is platonic love?; The meaning of life and death according to Plato; Plato’s Timaeus.

All the talks were accompanied by an artistic and cultural activity, namely: interpretation of works by Mozart with violin, flute, and viola; Poetry recital: About Love by Khalil Gibran; On Death and Life, theatrical adaptation of an excerpt from the Apology of Socrates; and dance performance with the theme “The origin of the universe and of man”.

2016 PortoAlegre Brasil-S Platón1 2016 PortoAlegre Brasil-S Platón2

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