1st Congress of Science and Philosophy (Alicante, Spain)

Cultural Activities

If the study of science and philosophy was united until the disappearance of the library of Alexandria, what remains of that relationship?
To address this issue New Acropolis invited several speakers: Francisco Javier Pérez de la Cruz, physician and philosopher, Ana Díaz Sierra, geologist and philosopher, Bernardo Souvirón Guijo, Professor of languages and classical cultures, José Luis San Miguel de Pablos, geologist, and doctor of philosophy and Harry Costin, philosopher, and specialist in education and international relations.

The presentations focused on topics as diverse as string theory, and the philosophical approaches that its assumptions incite: the origins of science in magic, the magna science; the relationship between science, myth and philosophy; between science and consciousness; and science and truth.

Approaches focused on the role that the human being exerts in the different facets of the development of science and his incessant search for a meaning to life. Following the presentations, participants shared thoughts and insights and asked questions, a great opportunity to ‘philosophize’ with the speakers on the themes discussed throughout the event.

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