Lecture by Dr. Miguel Ángel Granada, professor at the University of Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain)

Cultural Activities

Dr. Granada is a professor at the University of Barcelona, specialist of Giordano Bruno, member of the international team editing the complete works by Giordano Bruno (Les Belles Lettres, Paris) and Vice President of the Centro Internazionale di Studi Bruniani. He is also translator into Spanish and commentator of the diverse works by Giordano Bruno and Machiavelli. For the third consecutive year, in the month of February, Dr. Miguel Ángel Granada brought all his knowledge about Giordano Bruno and Renaissance Philosophy to New Acropolis Barcelona.

On this occasion we examined the ideas of Copernicus, Digges and the investigations of Giordano Bruno, and discussed the implications of the ideas of these three philosophers and astronomers of the 15th and 16th centuries.

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