Presentation of the latest book by Jesús Maeso at New Acropolis (Cadiz, Spain)

Editorial News

In the lecture hall of New Acropolis, Don Jesús Maeso de la Torre, presented his latest novel The Lady of the Forbidden City. The work is an historical intrigue taking place in the 18th century Chinese imperial court around the exotic world of concubines. With his original style, the author recreates in a notable way both historical and social contexts in a successful blend of real personages and fictitious characters.

During the presentation, the author reminded us he is one of the few, perhaps the only, of Spanish authors who have dared to write a novel set in ancient China.

On the occasion of his visit, Jesús Maeso agreed to participate in an enjoyable interview in which he congratulated New Acropolis on its 40th anniversary of uninterrupted activities in the city of Cadiz: “It is a reason to congratulate New Acropolis, because there are very few things that open for us the gates of knowledge, the science of knowledge, and one of them is precisely your institution, and I am glad it’s in Cadiz”

During the interview, Jesus Maeso talked to us about the similarities between his two novels The Chinese Box and the The Lady of the Forbidden City and the vision that we have in the West of the fascinating world of the ancient Chinese empire.

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