Promoting real change through philosophy and Art: World Philosophy Day 2017 (Mumbai, India)

World Philosophy Day
Around 200 people attended the tribute organized by New Acropolis Mumbai in commemoration of World Philosophy Day, in collaboration with the National Gallery of Modern Art (Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India). Philosopher & photographer Pierre Poulain, classical dancer Miti Desai, Founder of the Kabir Project Shabnam Virmani and the National Director of New Acropolis (India North) Yaron Barzilay, came together to explore the inherent connection between Philosophy and Art, in a panel discussion entitled: ‘Empowering Real Change through Philosophy and Art’. What amazed the audience was how similar their messages were: that art is a path to discovering truth, that the yearning for beauty leads to truth and that while our journeys are different our objective is the same.


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