‘The beautiful is possible!’: Tribute to World Philosophy Day (Catania, Italy)

World Philosophy Day

‘Beauty’, was the protagonist this year of the tribute which New Acropolis Catania made to World Philosophy Day. For three days a varied program of lectures, workshops, performances, etc. was carried out. Dr. Daniele Iozzia, researcher of history of ancient philosophy, and Dr. Manuela Di Paola of New Acropolis, respectively spoke about “Beauty: Paradoxes and kalliphobia in aesthetics from Plato to the present day” and “Gathered by the beautiful”.

A screening of the video created by New Acropolis volunteers “Catania: the beauty of every day”, also took place.

A workshop open to the public focusing on appreciating beauty in all circumstances and a performance entitled “Beauty will save the world”, gave way to musical activities on the last day, through the masterful lecture about its origins by Giuseppe Severini, director of the Casa della Musica of Randazzo (Catania).


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