The New Acropolis Publishing House participates in the twenty-fourth International Book Fair (Ukraine)

Book Fairs

The Lviv International Book Fair is the most important book event in Ukraine, one of the largest in Eastern Europe and is held annually in September since 1994.

This year the following philosophical works were presented: “Philosophy for Living”, ” The Everyday Hero”, ” Today I saw…” and ” The Games of Maya” by Delia Steinberg Guzmán, a collection of articles and lectures. “Navigating against the current” by Jorge Ángel Livraga, and his philosophical stories “Moassy, The Dog” and “The Alchemist”. Two works by the French philosopher and researcher Pierre Hadot “What is Ancient Philosophy?” and “The Veil of Isis: An essay on the history of the idea of nature”.

In this competition, New Acropolis organized for the first time a public philosophical colloquium entitled: “Philosophy as a form of self-creation”. Ukrainian philosophers and translators of ancient philosophical literature came together to talk about the concept of self-creation. Philosophy is not about informing, but about human formation. The speakers coincided largely in their expositions and shared a common vision of the importance of practical philosophy for the growth and strengthening of the best human qualities. Speakers: Antun Musulin, Andrii Sodomora, Rostyslav Paranko, Igor Derzhko, Maria Chumarna.

For the third consecutive time, the volunteers organized a show during the event entitled “Moving among the dead”, whereby spectators covered their eyes with special bandages to see nothing and only listen to the music and the voices of the actors. The scenario is based on the philosophical essay by Jorge Ángel Livraga about human movements which go against the current and fight for Life. The music was written especially for this occasion by the composer Sergii Havryliuk, 4th year student at the Lviv Conservatory.

Art Performance on the Book Fair

Philosophical Discussion

Book Fair

Book FairBook Fair

Book Fair

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