World Philosophy Day 2017 (Belgrade, Serbia)

World Philosophy Day

In commemoration of World Philosophy Day, New Acropolis Belgrade carried out a varied program dedicated to “Beauty”.
The lecture “Plato, on Love and Beauty”, focused on the “Banquet”, and participants had the opportunity to hear Diotima instructing Socrates on the secrets of Eros. Volunteers acted out a dialogue in which Plato spoke of Eros as an intermediary between the mortal and immortal parts of human nature, thus representing a path by which the human being approaches wisdom.

predavanje Platon

recital Sokrat i Diotima

The public interest was such that the lecture was held again so that all interested parties could participate. The lecture “Archetypal Art”was also offered, and the poetry recital “Touch of Beauty”, was presented featuring a selection of verses by the great poets of different nations, as well as unknown authors.

recital Dodir lepoteDani filozofije

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