A musical journey around the world (Moscow, Russia)

Cultural Activities

‘Musical Journey’ is a series of concerts for those who dream of travelling through classical music and the cultures of different nations and eras.

One can know the history of a country through literature and in-depth research; but listening to its music really reflects its spirit.

Guided by Anna Kurbatova, attendees traveled to Germany, France and Spain, then visited Argentina and Brazil and returned to Europe to re-discover their homeland, Russia.

During the concert, we heard stories about the friendly and hardworking Gaydn, the open and devout Mozart, and the responsive and friendly Schubert. In addition, Anna Kurbatova spoke about the fate of the great Austrian composers,  alternating with the fascinating music played by the winners of international competitions: Rostislav Burkin (cello), Alina Zinnurova (piano) and Madina Kuchkarova (violin).

The musical journey to Austria

The musical journey to Austria

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