“Connect with Peace”. 7th graduation of young students (El Salvador)

Educational Activities, Promotion of Philosophy

“Educate the children and you will not have to punish the men”
– Pythagoras

For the seventh consecutive year, the program “Connect with Peace”, graduated a group of young people who with scholarships in audiovisual production and philosophy studies, will help promote a culture of peace through social networks.

The graduation ceremony was held in the auditorium of New Acropolis Santa Tecla, and the closing words invited young people to be active entities within a culture for peace, seeking union, breaking social barriers, working with each other, resolving conflict and promoting action.

The graduation speech was given by the graduate Nicole Rodriguez, who highlighted in her words the ties she has formed with her classmates, and that New Acropolis is a place where one’s virtues and values are accepted and empowered. She invited her teammates to be courageous and face the world to improve it.

Seventh ‘Connect with Peace’ graduation: (www.conectate.acropolis.org.sv)

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