Course and book presentation on Art and Architecture in ancient Greece (Sao Paulo-SP, Brazil)

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Leonardo Santelices presented the course entitled “Art and Architecture in Classical Greece” at the Nueve de Julio branch in Sao Paulo. Professor Santelices discussed the central theme of the arts-architecture dynamic: the Greek gods, especially Apollo and Dionysus as complementary opposites, as well as Theatre and Dionysus, and Apollo and the Muses. He explained myth as an establisher of order in time and space. Finally, he discussed the different periods of Greek sculpture and the symbolism of the Acropolis of Athens, the high part of the city, symbol of the most sacred.

During the event his book “The Acropolis of Athens: Architecture and Symbolism” was presented, from the New Acropolis publishing house, Treasures of the Ancient World collection.


Leonardo Santelices Ahumada was born in Santiago de Chile and has lived in Quito, Ecuador for the past 30 years. He teaches at the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Arts at the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador; International Director of the Phidias Institute of Architecture, Drawing and Arts; and founder and current national director of the Ecuadorian Educational Corporation Nova Acropolis.

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