Discovery of ancient cultures in the expedition to the lower Volga region (Russia)

Educational Activities

New Acropolis Russia participated in the cultural and educational project (“The Lower Volga region. The Eurasian crossroads of civilizations”), a unique place from a cultural and historical point of view. For millennia, evolutionary currents driven by mysterious historical laws concentrated in the area between the Don and the Volga. As a result, we have inherited several monuments: the capital of the Golden Horde and the Khazar Khanate, the sacred center of the ancient Zoroastrians, cultural and religious centers.

Unfortunately, these monuments are not well studied and are not popular at all. New Acropolis took on the task of preparing a tourist guide for the most interesting places in the region. The first step was the expedition to the village of Trekhostrovskaya to the legendary sanctuary of Zoroaster.

More detailed information, photos and maps can be found in the brochure.

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