Evening of dialogue: “Philosophers with their feet on the ground” (Bologna, Italy)

World Philosophy Day

New activity on occasion of World Philosophy Day organized by New Acropolis Bologna with the sponsorship of the City Council. An evening-dialogue to answer the questions: What is Philosophy for? Can it be useful for our daily lives?

We sought to answer these questions, along with participants, following the screening of interviews carried out during the course of the previous months in the streets of the city, to discover what the Bolognese think about the oldest art of living.

In addition, New Acropolis volunteers shared texts from Socrates, Plato, Epictetus, Buddha, Confucius; as well as from modern men and women like Albert Einstein, Maria Montessori, Hermann Hesse and the singer Jovanotti.

In conclusion, the human being can feel and can be a philosopher, only because of his tendency to look within himself for all these answers. Philosophers, then, keep their feet firmly on the ground!


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