Lecture: “The mystery of Bhutan” (Be’er Sheva, Israel)

Cultural Activities

We had the pleasure of having, at our southern branch in Beer Sheva, the head of the Tel Aviv branch of New Acropolis Mr. Idan Charny for a fascinating talk about the small and special country of Bhutan. Idan, having stayed in Bhutan, meeting the people and culture, studied their unique lifestyle and returned with very interesting insights on their way of life, especially with regard to happiness both in the individual and collective aspects.
In the talk we’ve discussed the uniqueness of Bhutan, their cultural viewpoint and especially the vision lead by their king who created the Gross National Happiness Index (GNH), seeking to ensure the maximisation of the people’s happiness as the country’s top goal. By observing the way the people of Bhutan live their lives and the example set by their king, we sought to get a deeper understanding of the principles of happiness and the lessons this culture has to teach us, seeking to internalise what we’ve learned – in our on lives.

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