Marx meets Nietzsche. Philosophical Theater (Graz, Austria)

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On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx on May 5, 1818.

More than fifty attendees experienced firsthand the different visions of the protagonists in two opposite scenarios. At the end of the work Marx and Nietzsche are in the middle of the room with their philosophy. The wheel of time has turned, and liberated from the restrictions of fate and time they retrospectively reflect on their life and work from the present standpoint.

The author of the staged work, Anton Grabner-Haider, presented his book: Philosophical Theater, Four Works of Philosophical Theater, which also addresses topics on: Giordano Bruno, Hero of Freedom; Luther and Erasmus and the Gardens of Venus (“Ars Amatoria” by Ovid).

The original philosophical texts, produced in theatrical format, offer an excellent opportunity for theater and philosophy to re-occupy a place in our present society.

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