Nietzsche or the Search for Eternity (Bordeaux, France)


Nietzsche, in fact, is very “simple” when his ideas are well explained. This was the case of the lecture offered at the Municipal Athenaeum Classroom, thanks to the pedagogical presentation of the teacher who gave it.

Significant Nietzschean themes were clearly reviewed: the superman, the myth of the eternal return, passionate love, the will to power. The common thread was that ideas are only the expression of a certain system of values within the human being at a given moment of his history, and that we must return to the source. For Nietzsche, two powerful forces work in life: an active, ascending force, and a descending force; one constructive and the other destructive.

Nietzsche is a philosopher of hope whose thinking is directed towards the universal. There is within him a search for the ideal, a search for eternity. He invites us to go beyond, to restore in us the hierarchy of forces in order to reconcile spirit and life.

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