The Alchemist: In the footsteps of Giordano Bruno (Russia)

Editorial News

Хорхе Анхель Ливрага — Алхимик. По следам Джордано Бруно

The New Acropolis Russia Publishing House published the novel The Alchemist: In the footsteps of Giordano Bruno by Jorge Angel Livraga. The book is also available in digital format.

Translating this work from Spanish into Russian engaged the generous efforts of a good group of people, over the course of more than four years.
The editor sincerely thanks Elena Sikirich for arousing the love and interest in this book long before it was translated. Thanks to Maxim Kozyrev, as translator, Leonid Mebel, Svetlana Obukhov, Nadezhda Makogon and Ruzan Bunatyan, for the editing, as well as Julia Morozova, Lesia Kovtun and Natalia Radchenko, who collaborated in the translation.

This novel is not just an exciting story; the reader will be able to learn a lot about the now lost secrets of the science of alchemy and about those who practiced it.

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