2nd Earth Festival (Portugal)

Mother Earth Day

During 5 days, the auditorium and gardens of the “Casa das Histórias Paula Rego” of the municipality of Cascais, hosted the 2nd Earth Festival, organized by New Acropolis in collaboration with the Municipality of Cascais, Cascais Ambiente, the Foundation D. Luís and the Hermes International Institute.

Five days of authentic communion with Nature of which we are also a part. Hundreds of participants enjoyed the spirit of Gea, in a festival that included: an opening concert, 20 speakers, 14 trainers, 20 scientific events, 14 workshops, 2 films, 2 cooking shows, a poetry recital, a book presentation and the Solstice celebration.


Al final todos nos sentimos internamente más ricos y más conectados con la “Madre Tierra”.

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