ABC of the face: How emotions change our face (Montreal, Canada)

Cultural Activities

Catherine Guillerme, specialist in morphopsychology, presented a lecture to discover how emotions change our face. It was an opportunity for participants to learn about morphopsychology, a discipline founded in France in the 1930s by Dr. Louis Corman (1901-1995), a trained psychiatrist. Indeed, who has not been astonished or annoyed to see their reflection in a mirror and notice the presence of dark circles, wrinkles, sagging flesh under the chin, nasal folds, etc …?

Morphopsychology is a deeply humanistic discipline that requires us to put aside our superficial aesthetic judgments in order to evolve towards our true identity. Our face is the mirror of our unconscious and its peculiarities become visible so that our consciousness can help us discover who we really are. A wonderful opportunity to better understand what we are experiencing both personally and professionally.

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