Friendsgiving Dinner 2019 – Better Together (Chicago, USA)

Cultural Activities

On November 23, 2019 the members, students and friends of New Acropolis Chicago celebrated together the 5th Annual dinner of Thanksgiving. This dinner, that in the last few years has been know as Friendsgiving is already a common tradition and for the members and friends of New Acropolis it was an opportunity to add to the holiday a philosophical depth.

The theme of this year’s dinner was Better Together. Inspired by the New Acropolis School in South Korea and India, New Acropolis Chicago chose to focus in this event on the values of fraternity, community and gratitude.

At the event the members hosted the guests with poems, delicious food, group discussions about the importance of community and fraternity, stories and singing together.

It was a harmonious evening that exemplified how different people, from different cultures, origins, color and age can come together, learn from one another and build a stronger community.

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