Lecture: “Notre-Dame de Paris: the message of the phoenix” (Montreal, Canada)

Cultural Activities

The whole world witnessed speechless and horrified the fire of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. A sense of international solidarity was spontaneously expressed around this emblematic monument, the jewel of sacred architecture of the great builders. Mr. Bricnet gave a fascinating lecture on the message of Notre-Dame of Paris and its rich symbolism which speaks to the soul of each one who can understand its messages.

He used the image of the fire phoenix, a bird of light – “reborn from the ashes” – to present Notre-Dame de Paris as a universal temple – not only a Christian building – and to transmit with passion the spiritual path that the cathedral offers to everyone willing to work on his own shadows. In fact, the cathedral carries with it a power of transformation and is the door that can connect us to a path of elevation of consciousness that leads to light.

This lecture allowed us to discover what is the message of the Renaissance of the Phoenix of Notre-Dame de Paris which is still useful to our life and our future, here and now. By building our own inner architecture we can elevate ourselves to a new and more comprehensive understanding of reality that brings us closer to our real identity.

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