The 13th Philosophy Week honors the Chinese philosopher Confucius (S Brazil)

Cultural Activities, Promotion of Philosophy

“Confucius, the Chinese philosopher”, was the central theme to commemorate the 13th Philosophy Week. Lectures, thematic rooms and exhibitions were among the activities of the program.

Confucius lived in China in a period full of conflicts and political difficulties. This scenario motivated his search for the understanding of the human being and of life within the community. This philosopher perceived that it is essential to educate the individual so that he can live in society in a harmonious way. He proposed a style of teaching based on ethical principles and taught that he who has a virtuous conduct is able to inspire others by his moral strength.

The objective of this philosophical week is to put people in touch with the different traditions, through a simple, direct and current approach. There is a legacy of universal knowledge that leads the human being to find answers within himself, to the most fundamental questions of life.

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