World Philosophy Day in 10 cities of Ukraine

World Philosophy Day

























To celebrate World Philosophy Day, New Acropolis developed variety of interactive activities aiming to attract attention to philosophy and philosophical questions. Citizens were invited to “dive” into Seneca’s letters during Book Diving, drink coffee with Plato, participate in Interactive Philosophical Triathlon and art laboratory “Man in the Space of Symbols”.
One could continue celebrating World Philosophy Day during “Night of Philosophy” or even Week of Philosophy. For those who would prefer classical forms of teaching, a variety of open lectures were organized, namely “Stoic Practices for a Modern Man”, “Freedom or the Illusion of Freedom?”, “Modern Physics & Tibetan Buddhism”, “Magic of Gothic cathedrals”, “Symbolic Thinking: Technique by K. Jung” etc.
In total, 35 philosophical activities were organized by New Acropolis branches in 10 cities of Ukraine to celebrate World Philosophy Day. The activities were visited by 450 participants.

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