International Philosophy Day 2018 (Tel aviv, Israel)

World Philosophy Day

On the occasion of the International Philosophy Day, associated with the 150th year of Gandhi’s birth, New Acropolis in Israel held a conference about  philosophy as an incentive for change in man and society, as a guide to self-rule and spiritual freedom.

Through a dialogue dealing with man and society according to the philosophical approach to life and in accordance with Gandhi’s ideology concerning spiritual freedom, self-rule and internal and social change –  we asked whether there is a connection between the freedom of a people and the freedom of an individual, and whether or not the philosophical approach can create real change.

The discussion was led by Ronen Halabi – director of new Acropolis in Israel, with the participation of: Fernando Schwarz – founder and director of new Acropolis in France, and of the Hermes International Institute for the Study of the Non-Material Human Heritage, anthropologist and writer; Pierre Poulain –  founder of new Acropolis in Israel, philosopher and photographer; Noam Sharon  – translator of Gandhi’s book “Hind swaraj” from Hindi, educator and founder and manager of the Adam Olam publishing. 

At the event we launched two books, one written by Fernando Schwarz: “Perseus – the warrior of peace” – on the power of the youth nowadays to combine between ancient wisdom and the new challenges of man and society. The second was written by Pierre Poulain: “After the Fall … History Continues” – which deals with the process of the decline of Western civilization and the possibility of a renewed cultural renaissance.

During the event, we also held a “small gift” volunteer workshop – preparing postcards for patients in hospitals that we will meet in our coming volunteer activities. This extraordinary day ended with small group philosophical dialogues, live music, etc’…

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