Bibliomóvil… almost pocket-size! (Verona, Italy)


At the beginning of the year we signed a Subsidiarity agreement (State support in private or community activities), with the City Council of Verona, and in collaboration with other associations and cooperatives of the neighborhood, for the care, promotion and improvement of the Santa Teresa Park (new green area near the New Acropolis Verona Center).

Thanks to this collaboration, we will have the opportunity to re-purpose the park as a recreational and educational space, but above all as a meeting place bringing together the neighbors of the area with a program that contains: parties, exhibitions, cultural and philosophical initiatives, lively readings, ecological clean-ups, etc.

The first success has been the creation of the Biblio-Móvil: a small mobile library on three wheels… almost pocket-size!!

With a size of 80 cm x 120 cm, the Biblio-Móvil contains a small treasure in 12 compartments of different sizes to carry books through the streets of the neighborhood and to Santa Teresa Park. Who says reading isn’t available to everyone?

It also has a small shelf for the little ones not only to lean on when reading, but with everything necessary for them to express their creativity!

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