Celebrating of World Day of Philosophy in times of crisis (Germany)

World Philosophy Day

On the 19th of November the World Philosophy Day 2020 was celebrated by New Acropolis Germany in collaboration with various institutions, schools and reputable philosophers.

In its third year, the distinct platform “Long Night of Philosophy” had to weather quite adverse circumstances of corona crisis and hardening lockdown measures. While a few institutions had no other option than to cancel their scheduled on-site events, many others managed to adapt their philosophical contributions and went online.

In the end, some 25 speeches were carried out attracting an audience of hundreds of digital visitors throughout Germany. This showed that the interest in philosophy is unbroken.

We are both proud and grateful that the World Philosophy Day did take place through our online platform. We are convinced that, in times of crisis, practical philosophy is needed more than ever in society to prevent tendencies of fear, anger, separation and depression.

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