Connecting with residents of Santa Amelia nursing home and the children of ‘El Nazareno’ school (Peru)

Social Volunteering

Faced with this new reality due to the pandemic, New Acropolis volunteers achieved new ways to maintain contact and strengthen bonds with the elderly of the Santa Amelia nursing home and the children of the “El Nazareno” School.

• Mentoring: We carried out 23 video calls with nursing home residents to motivate and help them in finding interesting and enjoyable activities which promote physical and mental health.

• Home Schooling: 36 virtual tutoring sessions were carried out to help fifth graders with their Math and Communication classes. In addition, volunteers fostered education based on values such as friendship, respect, responsibility with the help of videos made by the Clown and Volunteer Dance Workshops.

• Project ‘Shelter a Grandparent’:  creating hats and shawls within the social volunteering department


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