“Cuidem Collserola”, new ecological volunteering project (Barcelona, Spain)

Ecological Volunteering

The ecological volunteer group of New Acropolis Barcelona, Planeta Viu, launched a new environmental project in collaboration with the Consorci of the Serra de Collserola Natural Park. The project, called Cuidem Collserola, aims to assist in the maintenance of the natural and cultural heritage of the park.

The project began at New Acropolis Barcelona with an informative workshop on the indigenous and invasive plants of the Collserola park, led by the Consorci of the Serra de Collserola Natural Park.
With the collaboration agreement signed with this entity, we are aiming to carry out activities several times during the year, which will help to develop knowledge and actions on the needs of the natural park, as well as to disseminate ecological values, so necessary to treat our planet with respect.

For more information or interest in volunteering: voluntariat@nova-acropolis.org


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