Cultural and virtual activities with New Acropolis Portugal

Cultural Activities

Within the series of virtual activities – in these times of crisis – New Acropolis Portugal highlights the following:
To celebrate Day of Portugal, Camões, and the Portuguese Communities, New Acropolis Portugal marked the anniversary with a series of poetry recitals videotaped and uploaded on YouTube,
performed by volunteers from the different New Acropolis Centers in Portugal.

In the first video, we can enjoy the poetry of Miguel Torga recited by New Acropolis Braga volunteers, and the poetry of Antero de Quental recited by the volunteers of New Acropolis Coimbra.

Link vídeo:  

New Acropolis Lisbon held a virtual talk entitled “The Mysteries of the Great Pyramid: Engineering, Geometry, Astronomy”, presented by José Carlos Fernández,
writer and the national director of New Acropolis Portugal. He spoke of the great pyramid as being one of the most enigmatic and colossal works in history.
Besides the insoluble problems posed by its construction, with the means and science attributed to its time and people, he also explained that it contained teachings in sacred
mathematics and geometry, astronomy, acoustics, geodesy and many other sciences.

H.P. Blavatsky stated that the Great Pyramid is a schematic reproduction of the Solar System, with seven chambers (two of which are still hidden) and the sarcophagus of the
King’s Room, an initiation chamber to the Great Mysteries.

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