Exploration into the ‘Soul of India’ (Bangalore, South India)

Cultural Volunteering

The Arjuna weekend Retreat at New Acropolis was a  wonderful opportunity to experience ‘Philosophy in Action‘ !

Through practical sessions of reflection, exercises and group dialogues the participants explored  themes, Identity, Inner Freedom and Self- expression. The binding thread that ran through the retreat was a shared search to understand more deeply the ‘Soul of India‘ in its deepest essence. All in all the retreat was a true meeting of fraternity!

As part of the experimental weekend retreat, volunteer activities were included for all participants, including a home visit for girls and young women from difficult backgrounds.

The program started with a play called ‘Mahabharata Express’, that presented the main teaching of the Bhagwad Gita, in a modern setting of a bus journey! Next, the children enjoyed simple music-exercises to practice rhythm and singing together. The final part involved the children joining the volunteers to prepare delicious snacks, concluding the session over delicious cupcakes and nutritious crunchy salad!


Children joining the volunteers to prepare delicious snacks involved the children as an integral part of the activities Preparing the cupcakes prepping nutritious crunchy salad chocolate for the children Map of India created by Volunteers with lights The wall for 'Soul of India' Children enjoy their snacks Sould of India team poses for a snap. Arjuna Retreat participantsVolunteers participate in activities

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