“Olhares do Rio” Amateur Photography Contest (Rio de Janeiro-Tijuca/RJ, Brazil)

Cultural Activities

The Rio de Janeiro – Tijuca Center recently celebrated its 34th anniversary, with the call for the “Olhares do Rio” Amateur Photography Contest.

Three modalities were offered: People, Culture and Nature. The best photo of the contest was named “O Rio de Janeiro Continua Lindo” and the winners were awarded with books by the New Acropolis Press.
The photographs will be displayed at the reception of the Rio de Janeiro – Tijuca Center.

The participants of the contest had the opportunity to further develop the art of photography and explore the beautiful city in which they live. “During these times we are living, one of the motivations was to remember that Beauty is present in our lives and that seeking it is also to seek the best in everything, bringing lightness to our processes,” shared Professor Tarcila Peruzzo.


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