Online talk: “Bushido. The Way of the Warrior” (Belgrano, Argentina)

Cultural Activities

The New Acropolis Belgrano Center, through a virtual platform, presented the talk: “Bushido, the Way of the Warrior”, by Professor Matias Taiah.

The warriors of ancient Japan have been a source of inspiration and example for those who contemplated them. Popularly known as Samurais, their great discipline, pursuit of excellence and lofty moral values have given rise to thousands of books and films that still move us today.

What is the root of such noble actions? A code of moral precepts that the warriors learned to observe and fulfill: the Bushido.

Translated as “The Way of the Warrior”, it represents a whole system of very profound ethical values, along with a spirit that surpasses the historical era in which it manifested itself.

Learning from Japan’s ancient civilization, could the keys and teachings of the precepts that propelled so many courageous warriors to their most heroic acts, be an inspiration and guidance for today’s times?


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