Painting a Comm-Unity Street Mandala (Chicago, USA)

Artistic Activities

On August 1st, a group of New Acropolis volunteers participated and collaborated in the first Uptown Art Weekend, a local initiative of different artists, non-profits and local organizations in the Uptown neighborhood in the city.

The volunteers drew a street Mandala in an open public space and invited the participants to add their own colors, designs and artistic visions into the Mandala, which is a circular diagram inspired by the Eastern ancient traditions.

The theme of this activity was Unity and was beautifully applied in the creation of the Mandala – a symbol of the cosmic journey, the return from multiplicity to unity, and from complexity to simplicity.

Participants were encouraged to use their imagination and creativity while working together (maintaining social distancing) and reflect on our ability to embrace our differences and create a harmonious community in a diverse and complex society.


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