Philosophical keys to live in an uncertain world. Lecture by Fernand Schwarz (France)

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Ancient wisdom including Buddhism and Stoicism already understood the nature of uncertainty, illusion, and impermanence. Today, with the Covid-19 pandemic, this question has come to the fore: How to live in an uncertain world?

With crises, everything accelerates. We enter the world of VUCA, an acronym for the 4 words: volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. But like everything else, the VUCA world has solutions.

Facing an audience of nearly a hundred people who participated in the lecture via Facebook Live, Fernand Schwarz, anthropologist, philosopher and founder of New Acropolis France, explained some keys to philosophy, such as solutions to the fears and difficulties of the VUCA world:

– Vision: seeing reality as it is and accepting it
– Intelligent understanding and ensuing action
– Clarity and care for things
– Agility, capacity to develop self-confidence in order to act and be prepared
– Above all a lot of courage

To hear the lecture:

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