Recordings of «Tips on living at “Interesting time”» (Russia)

Promotion of Philosophy

When the quarantine began, we came up with this idea. We thought of a lockdown period as a chance to spend it wisely.  For example, coming back to the questions that once have been asked, but haven’t found the answer.

The questions that seem to be not very serious or practical and usually don’t get their time in ordinary routines.  However, we dare to say those might be the most essential ones. What if they are about purpose of our actions, choices we make, efforts we take, failures and success, happiness and suffer, destiny and duty?

With help of the wisest ones – the philosophers of different epochs and traditions – we set off for the journey in search for the answers. It was named “Tips on living at interesting time”.

And here is the whole collection of audios and videos made on the way. Although they are all in Russian, we hope they will find its listener and  become a bridge to someone’s answers too. All the materials are free to use.

1. About difficulties. Everyone faces them also known as obstacles and crisis. Usually coming with pain they force us to change.  But what is needed to be changed? How can one realize it? Buddha’s advice.


2. About freedom. It’s good to understand first what freedom is, so as to take a right direction to reach it. Stoic’s advice.

audio | video

3. About happiness. Almost everyone wants to be happy, but what kind of it ? Aristotle explains that there is only one human’s happiness and instructs how to achieve it.

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4. About dreams. Plato teaches why is it necessary to dream and  how to distinguish dreams from fantasies.

audio | video

5. About order. What kind of order do we mean? The order that we are used to? What order do we really need to improve our life? Confusius advices on understanding the idea of order which serves to “verticalize” our life.

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6. About efforts. It is common that the hardest is the most valuable. Few of us love to struggle, make efforts, overcome. But aren’t they moments that we appreciate the most and grow along with? Based on the wisdom of Indian epic poem.

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7. About gratitude. It is known as a natural feeling of the human. It is also considered as great power of renovation. Learning to thank other people, life and even unfavourable circumstances can change a person and environment.

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8. About destiny and choices.  Should we think of life as predetermined circumstances or a building that a human constructs with his free choices and actions? Common sense leads us to think about the combination of both. Understanding the connection of the predetermination and freedom encourages us to make right choices.

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9. About illusions. In the East, the world is considered to be illusory. Whereas nowadays human is sure of the reality of the environment perceived with feelings and sensations. Where is the truth and illusion? Plato and Bhudda explain.

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Have a pleasant flight.

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