The art of surpassing oneself in sports (Lisbon, Portugal)

Sport Activities

Lecture entitled ‘The art of surpassing oneself in sports”, as part of the ongoing ‘School of Sports’ project.

The lecturer, Cleto Saldanha, began the activity by talking about sports as a mirror of our own life, showing the different characteristics that unfold when practicing it. To do this, he used audiovisual references involving professional athletes.

He spoke of the importance of prioritizing and the difference between limits and limitations. Being aware of our limitations may be the starting point for conquering a better version of ourselves.

He discussed emotional and fear management under high stress and pressure conditions. He indicated that mind control is essential to maintain focus and attention on what is really important. He explained the need to overcome pain and fatigue in times of greatest weakness, focusing on the goal. Determination and consistency, he said, are essential to keeping pace and bringing pre-set goals to fruition.

Finally, he emphasized the most important tool that an athlete must work with: the mind. In addition to the physical capabilities that are also important, the greatest challenge is the ability to use the mind by developing full awareness of our actions moment by moment.



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