“Animals: The symbols of our life” (Madrid, Spain)

Cultural Activities

New Acropolis Madrid, in collaboration with Espacio Victoria held the lecture and workshop: “Animals: the symbols of our life”.

We talked about animals as examples of virtues, about what they can represent as symbols in our daily life and about their mythological references.
Wolves have been trained as pets for more than 10,000 years and the first cats appeared 5000 years ago in Egypt.

We learned which animals represent each of the personality vehicles and that the dragon is the animal that best represents the human being trying to master his quaternary and become a hero, since the dragon encloses within itself the four elements. We also engaged in a fun practice: we chose a symbolic-mythological description at random and reflected upon the animal that came to us.

“If Nature is alive, mobile, evolving, we have to be alive, we have to move and we have to evolve. This is acting in and within Nature.” DSG


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